Professional Background

Welcome! I’m a sales professional with a background in digital marketing. I’m adept at WordPress template building using custom posts and fields, creating child themes, basic HTML/CSS/JavaScript customization, email marketing drip campaigns, and social media marketing. I’ve 2 years of sales under my belt and I’ve taken over 12,000 inbound calls. Below, I’ve highlighted some of my accomplishments.

Florida International University, Miami FL

Graduated Cum Laude from FIU’s Honors College (Business Administration in Marketing), 

Received Certificates in Marketing Research & Analysis and Sales & CRM

Seminole High School, Sanford FL

Graduated Summa Cum Laude

Received my International Baccalaureate Diploma

Health & Life Insurance Agent

Last updated on Nov 12, 2022

Currency is USD

policies sold

$9,153,000 face value produced

402 lives protected (at minimum)

$270,000 in annualized premium sold

Policy Stats

$7,800,000 face value generated

268 policies sold

28 children protected

$154,000 annualized premium sold

$81,000 annualized premium sold

286 policies sold

$891,000 face value generated

34 policies sold

$10,000 annualized premium sold

$480,000 face value generated

36 policies sold

$23,000 annualized premium sold

$2,000 annualized premium sold

4 policies sold

Consultation Scheduler

Contributed $679,581 for my company through the appointments I scheduled

Performed 7,199 phone calls, qualifying 803 customers for home improvement projects

Of the 481 appointments I had established, the average sale was $1,412

Digital Marketing Associate

Conducted SEO for a client for 61 webpages, organized navigational menu in a logical manner

Proofread, edited, and personally delivered a 40 page, $1,000,000 RFP

Provided feedback on pitch deck for business development team

Interpreted Google Analytics to optimize content and improve conversions, session length, and views

Created 20 customized digital forms for lead generation

Wrote two case studies and other website content to facilitate customers throughout our sales pipeline

Contributed to strategy discussions with key members in our organization

Additional Certificates

Google Analytics

HubSpot Inbound

Microsoft Word

Life, Health, & Annuities License

Google Adwords

Semrush SEO

Personal Background

I was born in Debrecen, Hungary, raised in Orlando, Florida, went to university in Miami, and eventually moved to Sydney for a work and holiday. This year, I’ve traveled to four continents and 11 countries. I graduated Florida International University in Dec. 2019 with a Bachelors of Administration in Marketing with an Honors College distinction. I just discovered that I’m a dual citizen and have the legal right to move to and work in the EU! 

Europe & USA

Asia & Oceania